The VOCLESS is advanced technology indoor sensor applied for the full sensing of the intensity of the volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature and humidity. The integrated advanced intelligent computational AI algorithm enables reliable capability of the measurement the magnitude of the VOC Index, temperature and humidity.

The data transmitted from the sensor is based on Class A LoRaWAN® wireless network. The VOCLESS sensor is easily configured and connected to the LoRaWAN® wireless network.

The application areas are such as public and commercial buildings (schools, university campuses, hospitals, governmental buildings, corporate offices), industrial facilities, warehouses, factories, etc. The VOCLESS enables to receive data for the prediction of the ambient conditions, can optimize indoor air quality while minimizing energy consumption.

VOC level


Accurate measurement of the level of the volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity based on advanced intelligent AI computational algorithm

Enabling BMS to monitor and control the safety of the ambient conditions which are impacted by the building materials, cleaning products, furniture, intensity of the human occupancy

Monitoring of the volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity levels indoors and receiving alerts regarding impacts on the  health of the personnel productivity effectiveness due to increased  VOC levels

Receiving advanced information about malfunction of the HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) due to monitored changes of environmental condition

Receiving key information for the analytics of effectiveness of the HVAC systems and impacting significant savings of the energy

Enabling customer’s BMS systems to make rapid changes in building / office / warehouse / industrial facility HVAC system parameters in order to sustain HVAC system to maximum effectiveness



  • Internal algorithm is deployed with cutting edge integrated advanced intelligent AI algorithm.
  • New generation visual design of the product enables easy integration into unity of the indoor space design.
  • Powered by Lithium batteries 2xAA ER14505 AA (batteries are optionally included).
  • Battery life is up to 9 years depending on settings and environmental conditions.
  • Data transmission up to 10 km range.
  • Easy to use and deploy.
  • Communication technology: LoRaWAN®.


VOCLESS manual

VOCLESS datasheet