Nano Sensorics Unveils Revolutionary Vapeless IoT Sensor for E-Vaping Detection at TechEx North America 2024

by Povilas

San Francisco, CA – June 2024 – Nano Sensorics, a leader in advanced sensor technology, proudly showcased its latest innovation, the Vapeless IoT Sensor, at the prestigious TechEx North America 2024 exhibition. This cutting-edge sensor, designed specifically for electronic vaping detection, is set to revolutionize the way schools and other institutions protect their environments from the dangers of e-vaping.

Held at the bustling San Francisco Convention Center, TechEx North America is a premier event that draws technology innovators and industry leaders from around the globe. Nano Sensorics seized this opportunity to introduce the Vapeless IoT Sensor to a wide audience, emphasizing its potential to create safer, vape-free environments, particularly in educational settings.

A New Era in E-Vaping Detection

The Vapeless IoT Sensor represents a significant advancement in the fight against e-vaping in schools. Unlike traditional sensors, the Vapeless IoT Sensor utilizes advanced IoT, pattern recognition technology  to detect the presence of electronic vaping devices with unprecedented accuracy including low intensity e-vaping. This innovative approach ensures that schools can monitor and address vaping incidents promptly, maintaining a healthy and safe environment for students.

Highlights of the Vapeless IoT Sensor

  • Advanced Detection Technology: Leveraging nanotechnology, the sensor offers high sensitivity and specificity in detecting e-vaping, reducing false positives and ensuring reliable monitoring.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The sensor provides real-time data analytics, allowing school administrators to respond swiftly to vaping incidents.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to integrate effortlessly with existing security and monitoring systems, the Vapeless IoT Sensor offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining vape-free zones.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The sensor comes with an intuitive interface, making it easy for school staff to use and interpret the data collected.

Positive Reception at TechEx North America

Nano Sensorics’ booth was a highlight of the exhibition, drawing significant attention from attendees eager to see the Vapeless IoT Sensor in action. Live demonstrations illustrated the sensor’s effectiveness in detecting e-vaping devices, showcasing its potential to enhance school safety protocols.

The event also facilitated numerous discussions with potential partners and stakeholders, all of whom expressed strong interest in the Vapeless IoT Sensor’s capabilities. This overwhelming response underscores the growing concern over e-vaping in schools and the demand for effective solutions.

Commitment to a Vape-Free Future

Dr. Povilas Norkevicius, CEO of Nano Sensorics, delivers a keynote highlighting the company’s dedication to innovation and safety. “The introduction of the Vapeless IoT Sensor is a testament to our commitment to creating technologies that address real-world problems. E-vaping in schools is a serious issue, and we are proud to offer a solution that helps protect our children and ensure their well-being.”

Looking Ahead

As Nano Sensorics continues to innovate, the company remains focused on developing solutions that meet the needs of their partners and clients. The Vapeless IoT Sensor is a prime example of how advanced technology can be harnessed to create safer, healthier environments.

For more information about Nano Sensorics and the Vapeless IoT Sensor, visit www.nanosensorics.com and follow our updates on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.



Ampsense: A Game-Changer in Electrical Current Measurement

by Povilas

Nanosensorics, a leader in sensor technology, with a range of  innovations in the portoflio.  Ampsense ( up to 630A), a cutting-edge sensor designed to measure the root mean square (RMS) of electrical current with LoRaWAN interface. This advanced sensor offers numerous benefits across a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to renewable energy management, promising enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. Ampsense  does not need professional electrician for the installation, its battery life time up 13 years.


Industrial Automation

In the realm of industrial automation, Ampsense stands out with its ability to provide precise RMS current measurements. Accurate current monitoring is crucial for maintaining the performance and safety of electrical equipment. Ampsense enables real-time monitoring of machinery, detecting any anomalies in current flow that could indicate potential issues. By identifying these issues early, companies can perform predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and reducing repair costs. This proactive approach enhances overall productivity and extends the lifespan of machinery.

Energy Management

Energy management systems benefit significantly from Ampsense’s accurate RMS current measurement capabilities. In smart grids, Ampsense can monitor the electrical load in real-time, ensuring optimal distribution of power and reducing energy losses. This leads to more efficient energy use and lowers operational costs. Additionally, Ampsense can play a critical role in detecting faults and preventing power outages by providing precise data on current variations, enabling swift corrective actions.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector also sees substantial advantages with Ampsense. In solar and wind energy systems, monitoring the electrical output is essential for maximizing efficiency and ensuring the stability of power supply. Ampsense offers reliable RMS current measurements that help optimize the performance of these systems. By tracking the current flow, operators can detect any discrepancies or faults, facilitating timely maintenance and improving the overall reliability and efficiency of renewable energy sources.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Ampsense proves invaluable in the growing network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Accurate RMS current measurements are critical for ensuring safe and efficient charging. Ampsense enables real-time monitoring of the charging process, detecting any irregularities in current flow that could indicate potential safety hazards. This ensures the safety of both the vehicles and the charging infrastructure, providing peace of mind for EV owners and operators.

Smart Home Systems

In smart home systems, Ampsense enhances energy management and safety. By monitoring the RMS current of household electrical circuits, Ampsense can detect any unusual patterns that may indicate faulty appliances or wiring issues. This real-time data allows homeowners to take preventive measures, reducing the risk of electrical fires and improving overall energy efficiency. Integration with smart home platforms enables automated responses to current anomalies, further enhancing safety and convenience.

Research and Development

For research and development in electrical engineering, Ampsense offers a reliable tool for accurate current measurement. Researchers can use Ampsense to conduct experiments and gather precise data on electrical currents, facilitating advancements in technology and innovation. Its high sensitivity and accuracy make it an essential component in laboratories and research institutions.


Nanosensorics’ Ampsense is set to revolutionize the way electrical currents are measured across various industries. Its precise RMS current measurement capabilities provide significant benefits in terms of safety, efficiency, and reliability. From industrial automation and energy management to renewable energy and smart home systems, Ampsense is poised to become an indispensable tool, driving progress and innovation in the field of electrical engineering.


Advantages of PowerSense Electricity Measuring Submeter Based on LoRaWAN

by Povilas

Advantages of PowerSense Electricity Measuring Submeter Based on LoRaWAN

Introducing PowerSense, the cutting-edge electricity measuring submeter designed to provide precise and efficient energy monitoring solutions for businesses and homes. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of LoRaWAN technology, PowerSense stands out as a superior choice for energy management. Here are the key advantages of using PowerSense:

Long-Range Communication

PowerSense utilizes LoRaWAN, which is renowned for its long-range communication capabilities. This ensures that energy consumption data can be transmitted over several kilometers without the need for repeaters, making it ideal for both urban and rural deployments.

Low Power Consumption

One of the standout features of LoRaWAN technology is its low power consumption. PowerSense benefits from this, offering extended battery life and reducing maintenance costs. This makes it a sustainable and cost-effective solution for long-term energy monitoring.

High Accuracy and Reliability

PowerSense delivers high accuracy in electricity measurement, ensuring reliable data collection. Accurate monitoring helps in identifying energy wastage, optimizing usage, and ultimately reducing electricity bills.

Easy Installation and Scalability

PowerSense is designed for easy installation, allowing users to quickly set up and start monitoring energy consumption. Its scalable architecture means it can be easily integrated into existing systems or expanded to cover additional circuits or devices as needed.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

With PowerSense, users gain access to real-time data and analytics. This enables proactive energy management, helping users to make informed decisions based on current consumption patterns and trends. The data can be accessed remotely, providing flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced Security

Security is a top priority for PowerSense. LoRaWAN technology includes robust encryption protocols, ensuring that data transmitted between the submeter and the central system is secure from unauthorized access.

Cost-Effective Solution

PowerSense offers a cost-effective solution for energy monitoring. By leveraging the efficiency of LoRaWAN, it reduces the need for complex wiring and infrastructure, minimizing installation and operational costs.

Integration with Smart Grid Systems

PowerSense seamlessly integrates with smart grid systems, contributing to smarter energy management and distribution. This integration supports demand response strategies, grid stability, and enhances overall energy efficiency.

Environmental Impact

Using PowerSense contributes to a greener planet. By providing detailed insights into energy usage, it empowers users to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable energy practices.


PowerSense, based on LoRaWAN technology, is a powerful tool for precise and efficient electricity measurement. Its long-range communication, low power consumption, high accuracy, and ease of installation make it an ideal choice for modern energy management. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, PowerSense provides a reliable and cost-effective solution to monitor and optimize electricity usage. Embrace the future of energy management with PowerSense and take a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem.

By focusing on these key advantages, PowerSense ensures that your energy monitoring needs are met with cutting-edge technology and reliable performance. Enhance your energy management strategy today with PowerSense, the smart choice for electricity measurement.


UAB „Nano Sensorics“ Diskusija su Mokyklomis apie Kibernetinį Saugumą ir Kibernetines Grėsmes

by Povilas

Šią savaitę UAB „Nano Sensorics“ organizavo svarbią diskusiją su keliais Lietuvos mokyklų atstovais apie kibernetinį saugumą ir kibernetines grėsmes, kylančias diegiant sensorius ir detektorius, pagamintus diktatūriškose bei komunistinėse šalyse. Renginio tikslas buvo padidinti mokyklų sąmoningumą ir pasirengimą galimoms kibernetinėms atakoms, siekiant apsaugoti jautrią informaciją ir infrastruktūrą.

Diskusijoje dalyvavę UAB „Nano Sensorics“ ekspertai pabrėžė, kad technologijų plėtra ir išmaniųjų įrenginių naudojimas švietimo procese sukuria ne tik naujas galimybes, bet ir atveria duris naujoms grėsmėms. Buvo išsamiai aptarta, kaip sensoriai ir detektoriai, pagaminti diktatūriškose ir komunistinėse šalyse, gali kelti kibernetinio saugumo riziką, nes šiose šalyse gaminami įrenginiai gali turėti užslėptas funkcijas, leidžiančias rinkti informaciją ar net vykdyti kibernetines atakas.

Diskusijos metu buvo išryškinti keli svarbūs aspektai:

  1. Saugumo priemonės: Ekspertai aptarė, kokios saugumo priemonės turėtų būti taikomos diegiant užsienyje pagamintus įrenginius, siekiant sumažinti galimą riziką. Tai apima tinkamą konfigūravimą, programinės įrangos atnaujinimus ir griežtą prieigos kontrolę.
  2. Tiekimo grandinės saugumas: Buvo kalbėta apie tiekimo grandinės saugumą ir kaip svarbu žinoti, iš kur atkeliauja technologiniai produktai. Ekspertai rekomendavo naudoti tik patikimų ir patikrintų tiekėjų gaminius.
  3. Švietimas ir sąmoningumas: UAB „Nano Sensorics“ akcentavo švietimo svarbą – tiek mokyklų administracijai, tiek mokytojams ir mokiniams. Buvo pateikti praktiniai patarimai, kaip atpažinti potencialias grėsmes ir kaip elgtis, susidūrus su įtartina veikla.
  4. Bendradarbiavimas su valstybinėmis institucijomis: Diskusijoje taip pat buvo pabrėžtas bendradarbiavimo su valstybinėmis kibernetinio saugumo institucijomis svarba. Tai padeda greičiau ir efektyviau reaguoti į galimas grėsmes.
  5. Privalumai: diegiant sensorius, detektorius IoT, LoRaWAN tinkle: aptarta kriptografijos metodai, atskiro daiktų interneto tinklo sukūrimo svarba, naudojant sudėtingus kriptografinius mechanizmus ir metodikas.

UAB „Nano Sensorics“ atstovai išreiškė viltį, kad ši diskusija padės mokykloms geriau suprasti kibernetinio saugumo iššūkius ir pasiruošti galimoms grėsmėms. Jie taip pat pažadėjo toliau teikti konsultacijas ir pagalbą švietimo įstaigoms kibernetinio saugumo klausimais.

Renginio pabaigoje dalyviai turėjo galimybę užduoti klausimus ir diskutuoti su ekspertais, aptarti praktinius saugumo aspektus ir pasidalinti savo patirtimi. Šis renginys buvo svarbus žingsnis, siekiant užtikrinti saugesnę ir atsparią kibernetinėms grėsmėms švietimo aplinką.


Vape detector Vapeless is advancing in the transportation and schools sector

by Povilas

The e-vaping is significant problem in the schools, also is not allowed in the public, sear transport, hotels rooms. Advanced sensor can enable significant reduction of the e-vaping and mitigate these issues.

VAPELESS detector is significantly advanced e-vape gas detection sensor from Nano sensorics which uses advanced pattern recognition technology enabling detection of extremely high and unlimited number of the e-vaping mixtures.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Advantages of the VAPELESS :
✅High and effective detection distance including low intensity e-vaping;
✅LoRaWAN connectivity, 5G
✅Integrated advanced autocalibration;
Cyber secure with robust encryption methods;
✅Reinforced mechanical enclosure;
✅Dual powered system and power loss messaging;
✅Easy deployment (plug and play);
✅Lifetime more than 10 years, according to the accelerated aging tests;
✅Practice shows that Vapeles enabled to reduce vaping activities by 90%;
✅Developed and made, tested, supported in the EU, Lithuania.



Vaping prevention with Vapeless detectors

by Povilas

Vaping prevention in schools and public spaces has become a significant concern due to the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, especially among teenagers. A practical approach to addressing this issue is through the installation of vape detector VAPELESS. These devices are designed to sense the chemical components found in e-cigarette vapors, such as propylene glycol and glycerin, and can be installed in areas where vaping is prohibited, such as school bathrooms and locker rooms.

Functionality and Benefits: Vape detector VAPELESSS work by analyzing the air quality for specific vapor signatures associated with e-cigarettes. Upon detecting e-vaping activity, VAPELESS trigger alarms, send instant notifications to authorities, or even integrate with building management systems (BMS) This immediate response helps deter students from vaping in prohibited areas and supports enforcement of school policies and safety.

Education and Awareness: Alongside technology like vape detector VAPELESS, education plays a crucial role in preventing vaping. Schools can use the presence of these devices as a starting point for broader discussions about the health risks associated with vaping, including potential lung damage and addiction issues. Educational programs should aim to inform students about the harmful effects of nicotine and the deceptive marketing practices used by vape companies to target younger audiences.

Community Involvement: Preventing vaping requires a community-wide effort. Parents, educators, and local health officials should collaborate to create a comprehensive approach that includes prevention, education, and enforcement. Community forums and workshops can be effective in spreading awareness and educating both parents and students about the dangers of vaping.

In conclusion, vape detectors represent a proactive technological solution to help enforce no-vaping policies effectively. However, their success largely depends on integrating these devices within a broader framework of education, ethical consideration, and community involvement to ensure a healthy, safe environment for young individuals.


Predictive and preventive maintenance in action

by Povilas

🎯 Our partners deployed our 400A Ampsense sensors for electrical motor monitoring in their customers factory in Poland!

🚀 We are glad not only by having strong partner in Poland for our products, but also possibility to give our end customers a means of predictive and preventive maintenance! 👍

🌏 With Ampsense provided data, clients can make data driven decisions and achieve huge savings!

If you want to be part of our success, let’s talk! 📞



Kriterijai užtikrinantys greičiausią veipinimo detektavimą.

by Povilas

Ar pagalvojote, kas užtikrina patikimą ir greitą veipinimo detektavimą?


Pirmiausia – teisingas detektoriaus įrengimas patalpose, nes būtent tai ir nulems, ar bus užtikrinta tinkama sistemos veikla. (prie laiško pridedame nuotraukas)

Kur patalpose bus įrengtas veipinimo detektorius, gali nulemti, kiek efektyvi ši priemonė bus apskritai. Žinant tai, kad dūmai kyla į viršų ir pirmiausiai kaupiasi palubėje, šie prietaisai turėtų būti montuojami ant lubų.

Geriausia vieta –  virš tualetų būdėlių durų, taip greičiau detektuojama jei veipinama ne tik užsidarius tualetų būdelėse, bet ir už tualetų būdelių.

Antra – kad detektorius turėtų kuo daugiau skylučių ir angų, nes taip bus užtikrinamas greitesnis prietaiso suveikimas, kadangi greičiau veipų garai pasieks prietaiso viduje esnačią lazerinę spektroskopija, kurios ir dirbtinio intelekto pagalba yra nustatomas veipinimas ir veipinimas su narkotikais.

Didelio ploto, sudėtingos formos ir ilgoms patalpoms, gali prireikti kelių detektorių siekiant kuo greitesnio suveikimo.


Vape detektorius Vapeless pristatytas Lietuvos mokykloms

by Povilas

Nano sensorics pristato mokykloms pažangųjį žemo intensyvumo elektroninių cigarečių skleidžiamų dujų sensorių (vape detektorių). Jutiklis detektuoja itin platų ruožą vape cigarečių skleidžiamųjų dujų įskaitant fentanilis, opioidai, barbitaliai, kanapės ir kt. Šiame sensoriuje naudojama pažangi “patter recognition” technologija.

  • Vape detektorius Vapeless itin greitai praneša apie rūkymo įvykį atsakingiems asmenims, sekundžių laikotarpyje;
  • Turi tvirtą konstrukciją, atsparią smūgiams;
  • Mechaninė konstrukcija sukurta tokia, kad užtikrintų itin greitą elektroninių cigarečių skleidžiamų dujų detektavimą;
  • Lietuviška technologija.


Vape detektorius Vapeless suteikia:

  • Vaikų apsaugą (vaikai negalės rūkyti užrakintame tualete ir pamiršti);
  • Apsauga nuo  rūkymo su opioidais, kanabinoidais, fentaniliu ir kitais chemikalais;
  • Saugumo didinimas ir narkotikų prevencija mokyklose;
  •  Vaikų gelbėjimas nuo mirties;
  • Aukštos mokyklos reputacijos ir prestižo užtikrinimas naudojant AI ir IoT technologijas siekiant padidinti saugumą.




Nano sensorics electrical submeter impacts energy saving, reduction of the CO2 emissions

by Povilas

 Nano sensorics launched electrical submeter PoweSense based on LoRaWAN and M-Bus interface.

The benefits are as follows:

1. Energy Management and Efficiency

  • Detailed Consumption Data: Submeters provide granular data on energy consumption at different levels (e.g., individual apartments, floors, departments). This detailed information helps identify energy use patterns and inefficiencies.
  • Targeted Energy Savings: With precise data, building managers can implement targeted energy-saving measures. For instance, they can adjust HVAC settings, lighting, and equipment usage based on actual consumption patterns.

2. Cost Savings

  • Fair Billing: Submeters allow for accurate billing based on actual usage rather than estimates. This can lead to significant cost savings, especially in multi-tenant buildings, as tenants are billed for their specific energy consumption.
  • Incentivizing Energy Conservation: When tenants or departments are aware of their actual energy consumption and costs, they are more likely to adopt energy-saving practices, leading to overall cost reductions.

3. Improved Accountability and Transparency

  • Tenant Accountability: Submetering holds tenants accountable for their energy use, encouraging more responsible behavior. This can be particularly important in residential buildings, commercial offices, and industrial settings.
  • Transparency: Providing clear, transparent data on energy usage can improve tenant satisfaction and trust. It can also facilitate better communication between building managers and occupants regarding energy policies and initiatives.

4. Sustainability and Environmental Impact

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: By enabling more efficient energy use, submeters contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint of a building. This aligns with sustainability goals and regulatory requirements.
  • Supporting Renewable Energy Integration: Submeters can help manage and optimize the use of renewable energy sources by providing detailed consumption data that can be used to balance loads and reduce reliance on non-renewable sources.

5. Operational Benefits

  • Maintenance and Load Management: Submeters can help identify when and where maintenance is needed by highlighting unusual consumption patterns. They can also aid in load management by providing data on peak usage times.
  • Future Planning: The data collected through submeters can inform future planning and upgrades, such as the installation of more energy-efficient systems or the integration of new technologies.

6. Case Studies and Real-World Examples

  • Commercial Buildings: In office buildings, submeters have been shown to reduce energy costs by identifying inefficient lighting and HVAC systems, leading to targeted upgrades.
  • Residential Complexes: In apartment buildings, submeters have helped reduce overall energy consumption by encouraging tenants to adopt energy-saving behaviors.
  • Industrial Facilities: In manufacturing plants, submeters have provided critical data for optimizing production processes and reducing energy waste.